Microsoft's New logo - Like it or hate it !

By Dharmendra Pandey

From the past two decades Microsoft has changed our way of computing. More than 1 billion people use microsoft products across the globe. After 25 years Microsoft has transformed its logo. It's an obvious move as Microsoft is set to launch the updated versions of their products and services which includes Windows 8, Windows phone 8, Xbox and Office 2012.

The makeover recieved mixed response. Some greeted it as simple while many of us considered it dull.

New identity?
I think the "Brand Microsoft" is beyond a logo or a brand name. it has got an iconic status which may not get into the influence of aftermaths of general brand identity modifications. One thing which will definitely change is the "Corporate Manual" ;)
What's your opinion?


  1. I am in partial consent with you bro. I agree to the fact that the identity of Microsoft is not dependent upon a logo. Again, when I see it from a seller's point of you, the name would just do for me and i don't need a brand makeover.

    On the contrary, when I try to catch it from a lens of strategy, I have to think of a new "brand strategy" that extends its boundaries beyond traditional branding concepts like 'brand recognition', 'brand awareness' and brand equities' and the like.
    Giants like microsoft do not really have to rely upon these concepts as they stand are out of competition in their products and markets. What they are focussing upon is 'a holistic BRAND IMPRESSION'. Its their way of expressing how people feel about their products and a sign of continuity that microsoft is also growing along with its customers.

    1. I welcome you sir on my blog and expecting more valuable inputs and insights in future.


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